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In the United Kingdom we have strong sporting traditions and opportunities that many children simply do not have. 


International Inspiration reaches out to young people all around the world, connecting them to the inspirational power of the Olympic Games.


But even in the UK, there are still those that for one reason or another are less fortunate and miss out on the benefits, that sport in all its forms can bring.


Doing some excellent work in London is Met Track which is proving that through sport, young people can escape the influence of crime.


Offering further support and helping young people in need is Croydon's Drop In service. Both are charities that I am supporting through the Sports Trek project.


So, I left London to reach out across the world, taking something of this sporting tradition and spirit with me, and to learn and to share this learning with all who join me in my adventures.


I am very grateful to Lord Sebastion Coe chair of the 2012 Olympic Games for donating an autographed Team GB Olympic Football.

Making a physical and lasting connection to the London 2012 legacy, the Olympic ball is being being greeted with enormous enthusiasm and excitement as it gets shared and passed from hand to hand, in every country and school I visit around the world.


I am also very proud to have received the support and congratulations from the Prime Minister David Cameron.


Mr Cameron said " ...It is truly admirable that you have independently taken on this 35000 mile challenge to learn from and inspire young people through sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games"...


For further details about me, the route, the schools and donations etc see the menu above.  


If you wish to directly help support Sports Trek please click here.


Thank you.


Julian Seal

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Sports Trek is on a mission to inspire.


When the world came to London 2012 I went out  to the world.


In July 2012 I left London to embark on a mission to drive to all of the five major regions as represented by the 5 Olympic rings Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.


Highlighting the inspiration and values that sport and the Olympics brings to peoples lives and different cultures, Sports Trek is a photographic adventure going to the highest mountains and the biggest deserts.


Sports Trek is not only about a real driving challenge, it’s good news story. It’s educational. It’s about social issues. It’s about the positive values that sport brings to the world.


In the light of the August 2011 riots in England and the recommendations of The Riots Communities and Victims Panel's final report 2012, Sports Trek is all the more relevant to our children and communities.


Sport teaches many things including excellence, respect, friendship, determination and courage. But increasingly important these days are issues of  health and obesity. Taking part in a sport also brings life long benefits and teaches us about health, fitness and diet.


Sports Trek is a wonderful and unique opportunity for positive news and I am now well on my journey around the world.


Please follow me on Facebook for regular updates,  photos and stories.


You will also learn more about where I am and what I'm doing on Twitter and on the Sports Trek Blog you will find more detailed information and reflections from the journey.






After two years I have driven through Europe, Asia and Australia and South America.

I have been on many adventures, driven through desert storms, up mountains and across rivers and met many wonderful people across the world seeing how they live and how sport plays a part in their lives.


I have fundraised for children in Australia and will be doing the same in South America and Africa. Please see the "Fundraising" and "Raising Balls" pages. Just $5 dollars can make a difference!


I have now crossed South America and in Sao Paulo, its been a great journey here in our fourth Olympic continent. Soon we will go to Rio to see how the Olymoics is benefitting young peoples lives there. 


STOP PRESS - We have just made it on Brasil's TV News - Click here to see us and the story http://g1.globo.com/sp/mogi-das-cruzes-suzano/diario-tv-1edicao/videos/t/edicoes/v/viajante-visita-trabalho-social-em-mogi-das-cruzes/3560990/





To ensure the continuance of the Sports Trek project I am also looking at more funding & sponsorship opportunities.


Please contact me if you can help or require further details.

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